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Vacuum Circuit Breaker Module

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Module

Product overview

Permanent magnet mechanism fully enclosed fully insulated ring main unit is outdoor power distribution equipment of 12KV rated voltage, 3phase AC current of 50HZ, mainly  used for switching off and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current in power system, suitable for protection and control of urban and rural power grid, and more applicable in places with frequent operations.


By using advanced reliable monostatic permanent magnet operating mechanism, circuit breaker closing position is maintained by magnetic field of rare earth permanent magnet, therefore traditional mechanical mechanism of vulnerable energy saving, buckle devices are omitted with such simplified structure. Quantity of parts are reduced more than 70%, not only simplified the equipment, but also greatly increased reliability and lifetime of the mechanism.

circuit breaker trip off time is ensured to be within 5ms, meanwhile auxiliary power fluctuation influence to the mechanism actions is avoided with capacitor as operation current. Permanent magnet operation mechanism with excellent performance can be operated frequently for long term, lifetime up to 100,000 times, and truly achieve permanent maintenance-free.


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contact skype id: yibing2012

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